Deer Hunting Season Approaches

Deer Hunting Season is upon us. Time is slipping by and we have 1,000 things to do in preparation. Fill feeders, continue to take surveys of wildlife, clean out deer blinds, check trail cams, trim paths and limbs, mow the gun range, fix water gaps, fill water troughs, plow food plots, plant food plots (all depending upon the rain or the lack thereof), prepare the lodge, fill propane tanks, get more sporting clays, charge batteries, etc etc. Most of the time I post pictures of my feet propped near a fire with a glass of wine viewing a setting sun. Looks relaxing and serene. It is anything but. Every year I have guys say, “man you have the best job in the country”. Some times I agree and some times I don’t. Right now my back is killing me. Moving the trash, fixing the tree sprayer and filling feeders has stretched this old body. I’ll be 62 in a few weeks and I am finally starting to feel it. I’m lucky to have a head full of dark hair, so I hide it pretty well. But I really enjoy going to bed earlier than I used to and I really like sleeping in a bit when I can. When hunting season starts, then I will get few mornings to sleep in till New Years Eve. 5F Ranch - Laning Photography (1082 of 506)