2016 Hunting Season is HERE!

Brizendine Hunt 2014 (5 of 17)

The Lord has been kind and we’ve had a great year.  Lots of rain!  The grass and trees are green, but that is short lived.  Cooler weather is about to begin and the fall colors are about to pop.  With all that said, the deer are in great shape.  Their bodies are fat and the coats are slick.  The most exciting thing of all….we’ve seen the biggest bucks ever all over the ranch.  We will set all kinds of records this year for big bucks.  We have seen several that will go over 300 inches, quite a few that will score in the 200’s and tons of bucks in the 120-190’s.

Our exotic kingdom is growing fast.  There are plenty of mature Blackbucks, Axis and Scimitar Horn Oryx running around.  Lot’s to see and lots to enjoy.  Oh…by the way..the hogs are back and in big numbers.

Take a look at your calendars and plan your hunting trip today.  Weekends are going fast, but we still have some awesome dates available.