Welcome to the 5F Ranch Blog!!!!

Welcome to our new 5F Blog!!! We are both excited and not.  Excited because we know we need to do it, and we have got lots of stories to tell, but not, because, well, we’ve never blogged before.  So, I figure we’ll start this play by introducing to you our cast of characters we’ve got running this circus, starting with me, Pattii.  Yes, that’s Pattii with two I’s or eyes!  How else do I say it?  I am the cook, the helper when it comes to almost everything else -!  I clean, shop, entertain, fill feeders, skin deer if needed and so on and so on and even occasionally guide.  Around here you have to be willing to do whatever needs to be done regardless of desire or past experience.  Sooner or later everyone here has reached beyond their skill sets into new territories.  I am by education a Fine Arts major with an emphasis in Interior Design from Texas Tech University and worked at several companies in my younger years.  I was privileged enough to be a stay at home mom for several years and then on to becoming a camp registrar at T Bar M Camps for 7 years.  A broad spectrum of jobs all giving me some bit of preparation for bottle raising fawns, doctoring sick animals, cooking and cleaning for guests and assisting in registering people for hunts. We are family owned and operated in every sense of the word.  My younger brother, Mike and his wife, Cindy Ford own this fabulous ranch and have invested not only their finances but their very heart and soul into making this ranch an incredible place.  They also, help out in every way possible from guiding, cooking, managing the land to every job no matter how miniscule.  Then there is Lane, my husband and the main man here at the ranch.  Lane also went to Texas Tech and has a degree in Finance where upon he worked for 22+ years at NCR/AT&T as a computer salesman.  He and Mike decided to venture into a new territory of deer breeding in 1999 and eventually into hunting, as well.  By looking through our new website you can see their accomplishments!  We just raised our first buck over 400 – Easy Rider who scored 444 at just 3 years old!  Our son, Nicholas, guides and assists in many ranch tasks that involve the whitetail breeding side all the while doing his full time career of “Amazing” photographer. ok, so Amazing isn’t in his title but after all I AM his mom!  See, I told you we were family run!