Hunting Gallery

2014 Kimball 238 B&C buck

2014 Kimball 238 B&C buck victory crown

2014 Kimball Family Fun

2014 Kimball and Nicholas

2014 Aaron 8 point buck

2014 Armando trophy Hawaiian Ram

2014 Armando Trophy Hawaiian Ram

2014 Andrea blackbuck

2014 Armando arrow release

2014 Armando & Kirsten still in love

2014 Andrea gun range

2014 Armando gun range

2014 Angie big 9 pointer

2014 Angie and Sean celebrate her hunt

2014 Angie shoots big 9 pointer

2014 Turtle’s first buck

Turtle and Nicholas celebrate successful hunt together 2014

Turtle and family celebrate his first buck in 2014

Turtle and Mom celebrate 2014 hunt

2013 hunt Phil takes 228 B&C buck

2013 Tra shoots 229 B&C buck

2013 Larry shoots 166 B&C buck

2013 Workout hunt Tra 229a

Tra’s big trophy buck

2013 Group Picture Ice Hunt

2013 Successful hunt takes 2 huge bucks

2013 Larry shoots another buck – 198 B&C

2013 Phil & Tra track big ram in the ice.

2013 Larry blackbuck in the ice

2013 Jamie shoots blackbuck in the sleet storm

canton & ricky hunt

Ricki and her first buck. Fun hunt & great shot

Dave really had a great time hunting his buck.

Scottie takes a nice buck

2013 Scottie & Jamie

Jamie nice Buck

Jamie with huge Hog

Carl with huge Hawaiian Ram

No Arm, One foot…not problem. Christian met her challenge and made a great shot on her buck.

Christian is all smiles after her shot

Christian and her family after she takes a doe on the second day.

2013 Heath 212 B&C trophy buck

2012 Derek 10 point

Orlando celebrates a great hunt

Orlando crawled in the grass to make a great shot on this huge buck.

Kimball shoots beautiful buck

2013 Kayra had fun hunting her beautiful buck.

2013 How big is that Rack?

2013 Randall shoots nice buck

2013 Reed Hunt

2013 Reed family Hunt

Tommy shoot a trophy Axis

2012 Hunt Andrea 233 B&C buck

2012 Hunt Brandon shoots huge 240 B&C buck

2012 Hunt Brandon-Richard take home the jackets for biggest bucks.

2012 Erica & Dad had great fun hunting 8 point buck

jordan-sarrett enjoys duck-hunt

Sarrett-family hunt

jordan sarrett takes 9 point buck

marlo sarrett shoots huge buck

sarretts family hunt – building memories.

Pappa Sarrett shoots an enormous 6 point buck

montgomery hunt

Steve Montgomery-and-son

2012 Trout Hunt 17 point

2012 Walt shoots 200 buck

Gordon takes this magnificent 180 B&C Buck

Father and Son Victory Hunt

Gordon II harvests 26 wide 176 B&C Buck

Gordon II with his super wide Buck where it fell



Wick’s Big 10 Point Buck

Jeff’s Perfect 10


2012 Hunt Orlando




Richard wins second jacket for biggest buck with this 228 B&C monster

Teri’s trophy buck 158 B&C

Larry’s big 10 point buck 150 B&C

Trophy Buck – Teri’s First Deer 158 B&C

Lobell Hunt 2011 – Celebration Time!

Lobell Hunt 2011 – Brad Victory



Lobell Hunt 2011 – Karl’s 174 B&C Buck

Lobell Hunt 2011 – John’s 132 B&C Buck

Lobell Hunt 2011 – John’s Boar Hog

Lobell Hunt 2011 – Ronnie’s 120 B&C Buck

8 Point Buck for Marlo

Kolton’s 5F Ranch record whitetail. He wins the jacket for biggest buck that year.

Angelo 153 B&C 9 Point

Kurt bags wide10pt

Allan’s wide 174 B&C Buck

Shane’s typical 11pt 149 B&C Buck

Dave’s 202 B&C Trophy Buck

Double Trouble -Shane’s Beautiful 8 Point

Mike Skinner wins again with 192 B&C Buck

Johnny’s 8 Point Buck

Matt’s tall 8pt

David’s 10pt

8 Point Buck – Kirk

Parker Medford takes beautiful buck in driving rain storm

Parker is King of the Rain Buck

BG 4 (1 of 1)



Charles Big Ram

Deena Shoots a Hog – 2011

Ed & Deena Pistols

Ed enjoys his trophy Waterbuck

Ed’s Big Waterbuck – 2011

Ed’s Trophy Waterbuck – 2011

Ed’s Waterbuck Toast

Hawaiian Rams ess

James Axis cheers

James Pistol


Jays Ram

Jeff’s trophy Blackbuck

Larry Scimitar


Lisa’s trophy Hawaiian Dall


Mike Skinner Texas Ram

Mike’s Trophy Scimitar Bull

Royalty for the Night

Teri blackbuck

w 2013 carl ram 1

w 2013 Derek 11-13 Blackbuck1

w 2013 Jamie hunt2

w 2013 Reed Hunt 5a web

w 2013 Workout hunt Larry blackbuck1

w 2013 Workout hunt Phil Tra Nick ram1

Ed Scimitar1

Derek 11-13g

Derek 11-13c