Season starts off with a BANG!

Candy - Lane 240

We’ve had some exciting hunts the first few weeks of the season.  The first huge buck of the year was taken by Candy.  We snuck through the tall grass and sat under some huge oak trees before dawn.  Lots of deer came out of the trees early, but the big boys always wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Finally just as we were about to give up and leave, he stuck his head out of an oak thicket.  Candy was patient and made a great shot on a 240 SCI buck.  Break out the champagne and celebrate.  And that’s what we did.  Wow….what a buck.  We ate like Kings and enjoyed some great evenings together on the back porch and at the fire pit.

Orlando buck1

Then the second weekend Orlando and I spent some quality time stalking and stalking and stalking after some big bucks we spotted.  On the second day we finally got close enough to get a shot.  LOL!!!!  Very Close.  The second day Orlando and I were getting in position pre-dawn to begin our hunt.  We were slowly hunting down an old road, trying to be quiet in the dark.  We were facing the sunrise and were glassing ahead to pick out our spot where we wanted to sit and wait for light to begin our hunt.  I grabbed Orlando and told him to slowly and quietly sit down.  In the road….now.  I had spotted 3 bucks coming across the pasture and they were headed our way.  Straight to us.  We ducked down low in the grass and kept an eye on them.  It was really early in the morning and they were grazing our direction.  As the moments passed they got closer and closer.  There were a few trees and bushes ahead of us and it wasn’t long before they would pop out and be on top of us.  The bigger buck we had seen the day before, but could not get close enough for a clean shot.  Now they were close enough.  To spit at!!!!  We spotted the big buck again and kept him in our sights.  When they came around the trees and bushes, Orlando let the big boy have it.  Orlando made a fine shot and we started counting points.  I thought he had 10 or 11 points, but when all was counted he had 18.  We were in the right spot at the right time.  We made a huge run around to get “down wind” before dawn and it paid off big time.

Mike Scimitar1

A few days later Mike and Renee arrived at the 5F Ranch.  We had donated a hunt to SCI at the convention in Las Vegas this year and Mike purchased the hunt at the big SCI auction.  He wanted a trophy Scimitar Horn Oryx and we have plenty of them. We shot his rifle in at our gun range and prepared for the afternoon hunt.  I had seen some Oryx at the back of the ranch near a windmill and foot plot.  The hot dry summer destroyed our food plot, but the wildlife still liked the spot.  I had a nice comfortable blind nearby and it was our destination.  However, we never made it to our destination.  As we approached the food plot we spotted lots of wildlife already there.  Grazing and walking about.  No Oryx in sight.  I was about to scare the deer away when we spotted some Oryx approaching from our left through the trees.  We sat down in the brush and waited.  We had an opening to look through and slowly but surely the Oryx began to arrive.  In a few minutes we had a dozen Oryx grazing about and then they started to bed down at the far end of the food plot several hundred yards away.  The windmill was 50 yards to our right and sure enough,  a deer slowly began their trek to water.  Then another.  We tried to hide, but as they approached we were busted.  They spotted us hiding in the tall grass.  The doe ran off and whistled and whistled and made a huge scene.  Pretty soon almost all the animals were running off in every direction.   The bigger bull slowly came back in a while and he just stood there facing us.  And facing us.  He was several hundred yards away and he just kept staring at the windmill.  He was probably wondering what that crazy doe was running from.  Eventually he began to walk our direction.  We got excited as he got closer and then….he turned and started to walk away.  We got close to making a shot several times when something always happened.  Another animal got in the way or he would lay down to take a nap.  I think one time I heard him snore.  We laughed about that later.  As he got further and further away our hearts were beginning to sink, when he turned slightly and looked back over his right shoulder.  It was just enough of a turn to get a good clean shot.  And Mike made a great shot off sticks sitting in the tall grass.  We soon measured the Trophy Scimitar Oryx to be 42″ .   What a beautiful Oryx.  Renee made every step of the hunt with Mike and I each day.  She was a real trooper and a good hunter.   The couple that hunts together….stays together.