The 5F Ranch is focused on developing a “Superior Doe” bloodline. We call it a “Power Doe Bloodline”. Our goal is to reduce our/your RISK in breeding whitetail deer. Consistency in quality production of huge bucks with a genetic focused doe herd.

Our original success in 2002 was built on using only the finest buck genetics available in Texas. The cornerstones of our buck breeding program are award-winning B.B. Peanut (220 B&C) and Bambi Prickly Pear (232 B&C). Over the past 12 years we’ve expanded our gene pool by incorporating these superior A.I. Sires to our program.

PAST AI SIRES: Express, Triple Crown, Sudden Express, MOAB, Kid Rock, Stickers, Maxbo 727, Sudden Impact, Dreambuck, Max, Reno, Doc, PA Geronimo, Maxbo, GB Magic, Rolex, Bucky, Maxbo Prickly, Easy Rider, Snowman, Bambi Longhorn, Bambi 727, Wildman, Fullhouse, Klamath, Texas Twister, Maximus Missile, Maxbo Tex, Big Dream, Ultra Max, Billy, Bullwinkle, B.B. Bullwinkle, King Solomon, Sako Solomon, Ground Zero, Zeus, Thor, BB Peanut, Bambi Prickly Pear, Psalm 105.

Our entire deer herd is DNA certified with the NADR registry and we participate in CWD monitoring. Pedigree certificates are issued on every deer sold. The 5F Ranch concentrates on quality, not quantity, but time has granted us both. Several years ago we started to bottle-feed some of our fawns. It is a popular management practice that we continue to follow each year.

The 5F Ranch offers: open does, bred does, bucks and semen to enhance or start your breeding program. Our motto is “Dream Big” and at the 5F Ranch dreams have become a reality. Come and see us anytime. A 50% deposit is required at the time you order a deer with the balance due at time of delivery.